Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aiden Yeh's Speech Class podcast!

This is another great PODCAST site. Here you can listen to more students having their voices heard. So, hurry up.... let's start having our voices heard, too!

Click here to get your own player.


Dennis said...

Hi, Aiden--and students.

I listened to most of the podcasts included here. What an impressive collection!

This is a wonderful chance for your students to hear their own voices and for their voices to be heard by other students and even by listeners (like me, Elizabeth, and Dafne) who are located far from Taiwan. Congratulations on the work done so far!

I was favorably impressed with most of the students' speeches, poetry readings, and self-evaluations, but I couldn't hear anything from some of the links; also, the audio in some of the recordings was at an accelerated speed, and in other presentations, I heard only background noise. In addition, I was unable to see any of the videos or PowerPoint presentations; this may be a PC vs Mac problem (I'm using my Mac now instead of my PC).

But even with the challenges mentioned above, I repeat that I'm very impressed with this effort and with what the students have produced so far!

Best wishes to all--

Dennis in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Dennis said...

Oops! I got so involved in listening to Aiden Yeh's students that I thought I was making a comment to them, not you! 'Sorry!

I think the large collection of recordings that Aiden has made available as podcasts is a wonderful resource for listening comprehension practice--and an equally wonderful opportunity to hear "English as an International Language" (English spoken with a variety of accents).

I look forward to hearing speeches, readings, and other similar recordings from the students usng this blog.

Best wishes!

Dennis in Phoenix

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