Monday, January 22, 2007

A video Activity!

Watch the video and write your opinion about it. Use your imagination and write a different ending for this video. The best ending get a surprise reward! Please, don't forget to include your name and session.

Here you can read the lyrics in English

Because I'm a Girl

I just can't understand the ways
Of all the men and their mistakes
You give them all your heart
And then they rip it all away

You told me how much you loved me
And how our love was meant to be
And I believed in you
I thought that you would set me free

You should've just told me the truth
That I wasn't the girl for you
Still, I didn't have a clue
So my heart depended on you, whoa

Although I'll say I hate you now
Though I'll shout and curse you out
I'll always have love for you
Because I am a girl

Been told a man will leave you cold
Get sick of you and bored
I know that it's no lie
I gave my all, still I just cry

Never again will I be fooled
To give my all when nothing's true
I won't be played again
But I will fall in love again



I loved you so
Now you leave me in the cold
How could this be
I thought that you'd only love me

Into the night
I will pray that you're alright
You hurt me so
I just can't let you go

You took advantage of my willingness
To do anything for love
Now I'm the only one in pain
Will you please take it all away

Never thought being born a girl
How I can love you and be burned
And now I will build a wall
To never get torn again

(CHORUS) [2x]

Here you can read and listen to the English version of this song: Because I'm a girl in English

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alberto nunez said...

El verdadero amor

Is a history of love too beautiful I really like because it has 2 massage important the first massage show us that in the life we have to be care full when we work with that kind of sustains because the girl loses her ayes and the second massage show us the true love and wants fit the mistake that his self did only for love he give her his ayes and he didn’t care his family he didn’t care his work and everything’s he loved only for save her

by:alberto nuñez

Anonymous said...

Well, I like love stories... and this one is like a Romeo and Juliet story...I think the video is about true at first sight and staying in love.. to probe you're in love you sacrifice everything for the person you love. It's great video and the characters are really goodlooking.
About the ending... well, I'll change it... in my ending... the girl will call his name, run after the boy and hug him. Tell him that she loves him for all his done for her.. and that she can see now but she's not happy... she's only happy when they're together.
Of course, he tries to saty away but at the end she wins him back... and they try living together....the rest... will be another story.....
What do you guys think about my ending?

Anonymous said...

My opinion about this video is that I think it’s so sad; I really don’t like it at all.
It’s is injustice what happened to this beautiful girl and to this guy. The reasons for my opinion it’s only that It’s too cruel, I believe in love at first sight and at the beginning I was so glad with the story but then when the liquid fall into the eyes of the girl and then the guy give his eyes to her without any kind of conversation with her.
I don’t know if I’m correct with this opinion, but it’s mine, I like things very clear and everything has to be explain for both persons that has a relation.

Maria Salerni. G-811 said...

My opinion about this video is that I think it’s so sad; I really don’t like it at all.
It’s is injustice what happened to this beautiful girl and to this guy. The reasons for my opinion it’s only that It’s too cruel, I believe in love at first sight and at the beginning I was so glad with the story but then when the liquid fall into the eyes of the girl and then the guy give his eyes to her without any kind of conversation with her.
I don’t know if I’m correct with this opinion, but it’s mine, I like things very clear and everything has to be explain for both persons that has a relation.

by: Maria Salerni. G-811

Jose Inciarte said...

I haven’t watched all the video yet but what I saw it is about a girl that fell in love of a guy but he doesn’t note her that even exist until he lost his hat and she gives to her and they start to chat and stuff. They meet and fell in love and the are happy till the haft of the movie.
When I read the lyrics, it wasn’t that beautiful I realized that he left her or something because the lyrics talk about pain and suffering because he hurt her and I guess they never seems again.
I guess a good ending will be that the wife of the guy appears out, that will be according with the lyrics
Jose Inciarte

Raquel Espina G-811 said...

My opinion about the video.
Raquel Espina
C.I: 17.232.406

I think the video is very romantic, but at the same time is really sad because it is a story about 2 people who met and then they fell in love but life proves their love, when the girl because an accident lost her sight for that reason the man sacrificed for her and he gave his eyes. The end of the story is very sad because they weren’t together again. So the video is very romantic by chances in life 2 people fall in love but at the same time the ending is very sad.

I think the video is a love story and it might finish happy and not sad, for example I would like the girl to married him after she knows he sacrificed because he was in love with her.

Rosanny Jiménez G-811 said...


Rosanny Jiménez
C.I. 17.649.327

It’s a really touching video it tells a love story with a tragic ending.

It’s about a woman and a man who met in the street… he was a photographer and she was a hairdresser, they started to go out and have fun together and then they fell in love.

One day she had a terrible accident and she got blind so he felt terrible and guilty and decided to sacrifice everything for her so he gave his eyes to her.

After a surgery she recovers the sight but they didn’t stay together again.

So it is a really beautiful story with a touching ending which show how strong and caring love can be.

My own ending:

I’d had preferred that she had got her eyesight back from another person (maybe a dead body), so he hadn’t felt guilty and they had been happy together for ever.

Jose Carlos G811 said...

I think that it’s like every love history may be have a good or a bad ending. The life it’s very uncertain, we can to write our destiny but our actions can condemn us, this is my philosophy, and in the case of this video it’s different because I don’t know a bad reason in the pass of these people but like almost all the love histories the love win the war and the battle, the ending it’s sad but in the bottom of all there is a lot of love because give something so valuable like his eyes to her it’s a love act.

Ending change
All end equal, he live his life alone and she convert in a top model, she wins a lot of money and pass 5 years and she read in internet a article about eyes operation and therapy recovering the vision in a 98%, she save a the $50, 000 of the operation and go to search him because he move away from her. She found him and told the plan, he couldn’t believe that his love came back, he take the operation and in a year recovered the vision and they will live in the net of love forever.

Jose Carlos

Eduardo G811 said...

My opinión about the video

I think that it is a beautiful love story. Everything began with a picture of the girl; and then he starts going out whit her, takes more pictures and they fall in love. But like all the loves story always have a sad part the girl has an accident in the photo studio of the boy and she loses her eyesight. I think that he feels guilty for that, and he decides putting away all his dreams, bike, photo studio, all the things that he has, only to save her eyesight.

The ending

For me the best ending would be that , if he loses his eyesight for save her eyesight, so I think that they must be together to the end and he don’t have to take that decision of go away because he sacrifices everything for her .

Ramsés Granado - G811 said...

Hi! Everybody
I think that this it is a good musical video that she relates a unique history of love. That he yielded its eyes to her so she can see again, is a great test of love, that very few would do it by somebody, but the end does not please much to me; I consider that the protagonists have to be together with that great love who feels the one by the other.
Well equal the video does not demonstrate that they are separated absolutely, since the world gives many returns and the true love is unique in the life.

My better desires for all you and their heart, your friend Ramsés

fernando_urdaneta G811 said...


I think he quits his view not for love, he did it because he feels sorry about the accident and he wants to revert the situation but if you love someone you can not feel sorry about this person because you should been playing play with the persons feelings and that’s not right also this video shows how the proud could finish a relationship and destroy the hearts of the people making that something so beautiful like another person have feelings about you and love you so much disappear…

To end the guy is going to finish alone, blind and anger and she is going to finish without him and with a broken heart…

Giulia Zaccaria G-811 said...

Name: Giulia Zaccaría
I.D. 17.335.036
Class: G-811

In my opinion it is a too sad history, tells us about which the true love treats, to sacrifice by which we loved. They know themselves in a seat soon were made very friends spent long time together , soon there is an accident to her falls a chemistry to him and at risk to be left blind person he gives to its eyes, the sad thing him is that in spite of this they are not together. A better end had been than the film had not finished or had been he the one that goes to in the end look for the wise chemistry because if that chemistry if he were open and if they had finished together

Jose Rafael said...

C.I: 15.754.939

Is a really amazing video, i have always liked asian stories cause it shows some times how life not always has the happy ending.

But i wasnt that surprised by the end, it was an open end, is up to us to think if she would " a wall, to never get torn again..." or "...always have love for you..." and follow.

He was very resposible for his actions, because it was his fault to leave it open the toxic film developer liquid. He really made a great sacrifice, his job, his way to live.

Is sad without a doubt, but shows us to be careful with what we do, so we do no harm to others.

By. Jose Rafael Nieto

vanessa gutierrez g811 said...

Video activity!!
I love the video. The story of the song was so beautiful and so intense at the same time.

In this video, you watch all the things that the girl passes through and finally she gets a crush with this person, and they fell in love each other. The love that this man has for her is so much, that in the ending she has an accident searching an object in a stand and a bottle of toxic drops out into her eyes so when she gets to the hospital she needs somebody’s eyes to see again or she will be blind forever.
This man offers to give his eyes to her, for the love that he has for her and for the guilt for having that bottle in the department.

I don’t like the ending, because when she see him in the race track and later finds that he is blind for given the eyes to her, she stay in shock and doesn’t say anything to him. Finally, he leaves.

For the ending, I will like the girl talk to him and explain everything, tell him the love that they have for each other so he would tell her, he do it for the love that he feels for her. Then, they will get back together and live a very happy life forever and ever. The end :-) So nice!

I like this end because he gave his eyes for her, which is a nice gesture. “Not all men sacrifices for a woman as he did”.

Vanessa Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Happy Ending...

Well…My opinion about that’s video is that I think is too cruel.
I think she had go for him and they will be happiness because they would made a big family and search a doctor specialist in that operation, coming a new life and will be happy forever…

By... Andreina Soto. CI42

KEYLA PEREZ CI42 said...

This is a very original video, the director try of tell us a history like a movie. the video is about a young couple that fall in love at first sight the men is a photographer and use the girl like a model, in a cruel turn of the destiny the girl has a accident she is affected by an acid in her eyes and the men fells guilty and he gift her his eyes....

I think that is a video with dramatic and romantic elements and make us think about if we can do that kind of thing for person that we think that is the love of our life.

My end, the girl was surprise because the men donate his eyes to her because he feels guilty for the accident, she take choice of sacrifice the rest of her life with a blind men and his dog....

Mariangel Gonzalez said...

It’s a lovely video

It’s a great story, an example to everybody. We have to learn something about it, like how we can help other people.
He loved her that was the reason he gave her his eyes ..
I think at the end of the story he has his eyes operation and they will be together forever

Diana Márquez P221 said...

This video is very pretty by the attitude that takes the boy to the single girl by the great love that he felt by her but simultaneously is very sad so that if nothing had happened they had not undergone so much and would be happy

I think that the end would be that to they find a transplant him after one long search and they would be happy for always

Tereines Reyes P221 said...

I enchant east video is very pretty, one pretty one and magical melodia that transports and affects much to you to you with a wonderful voice a history that fulfills all the beautiful elements for a perfect life I think that the end the young person realizes that is not what she thought because never the single forgetfulness I sacrifice by her and penso that to move away was the best thing….now she knows the great thing that it was the love that him tapeworm… and with the greater effort is going to have its operation of its eyes and is going to be very happy next to her and are going to be in favor together of always I LOVE.....

Rafel Díaz (H-812) said...

Well, I don't like it very much, because I don't like love videos or movies. Moreover, I find it very boring. Also, it is too long. 8 minutes!!! I can't stand it!!! The only good thing is that japanese girls is pretty! :)

Javier Guerra H-812 said...

I just don't liked it. it has no sense at all. For example, why couldn't they stay together? If they were really in love they should have ended together. I won't denie the song is not bad. It is not my fovorite genre but it is ok. However, the video is horrible. Think about that. Why couldn´t he gave her only one eye? has it to be both? it is ridiculous!!!!!

Christian Meier H812 said...

Kanashii Koi Monogatari...
a Sad Love story...

It's a story about love at first sight, which had a lot of happy moments, along with some sad ones that occured in their jobs. After the girl gets blinded by a mistake, the sorrow starts for both, the girl feels abandoned by the guy, without knowing where did her new eyes come from nor why did he leave her, and the man feels guilt for what happened, to the point he gives up his sight, job and love in order to make things up to her.

For the final, I would make the girl run to the guy, hug him from behind, and then have them both walking to the sunset, trying to walk on the same path of life once again.

Rafael Díaz (h-812) said...

Ups I forgot how about writing the end. Well, if i had directed the video, They would end together, and there wouldn´t be any painful feelings. Also, the boy should have wait for donors!

Rene Quero said...

personally i dint like the video at all it have to much drama for me the video is to long and the end is gets to short for the entire video and alternative ending i gess will be that they get married or she give him back her eyes to him that all

Willie Leal said...

My opinion on the video is good. I think that it is a little long but it transmits the idea of the love at first sight,

seeing it honestly at the beginning was boring but I believe that it is worthwhile to see. What I didn't like of

the video was the end which the one sacrifices his eyes so that she sees again another time and she see him

and she doesn't tell him anything, and let him leave, I found that a low blow and I think that serious better

end that she was brought near and hugged him and thanked him about what he did (clear in a sentimental way)

and that they finished together.

Willie Leal


Javier Guerra H-813 said...

hey, I forgot to say my ending. well, at the end they didn't end together. however he found a new girl who did give him only one eye. so they were both one man a girl eye. but together!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like to much because they was in love but for don't be carfull they finish alone...

gabriela gutiérrez said...

Gabriela Gutierrez
G-621 ID: 19.340428

About the video
I think it´s beatiful and sad and the same time, it´s about true love that we could see, I like the video and the song both make me cry because only the true love sacrifice something like that, he gave his eyes to her just for the girl could see the world again, and he sacrifices his job, his pasion of motocycle and more things, it´s this kind of sacrifice or things that you make to think about the true love and how much the people can love. We are in this world to love the people, family or any special person, so I think that other ending for the video could be that the girl talk to him and stay with him for the love that he prove.

However, I think the song is not has a relation with the video, but It´s a great love video, and it´s make you think about it,too.

laura said...

I like the video because it was very interesting, it’s interesting to see what capable love can be… and that’s real love give to someone something just for love.
Someday I hope find a love like that one.

The Korean video was very especial and the song is right for the images that show.
The video complement the sad images with the song, she was unhappy. Went I saw this video I can’t understand the messages; but finally understand that the love is not something a that you can but in the store is something that you feel went a love one kiss you , a love one like your family, friends and finally a romantic kiss for a boyfriend or girlfriend that takes you too the moon and back and just one day…

Well, a very sad song with a sad ending too.

Laura Portillo

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