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How literacies change the way we do things

For children e-mail is "something your dad does" and their search engine of choice is as likely to be YouTube as Google.

For assistant head teacher Amy Barton, social media has to be part of the curriculum.

"Social media is challenging the traditional view of teaching. You can't get away from it, we've got to teach it," she said.

Chris Hague is one of the directors of Radiowaves.

"We set up at a time when schools were shutting the door on social networks, we were saying that they needed to embrace them," he said.

"Our first priority was to make sure it was safe."

Many schools still block access to YouTube, Facebook, instant messaging and other technologies that are the favourite haunts of young people.

But the tide could be turning, thinks Professor Stephen Heppell, a leading educationalist who has been advocating the use of radical technology in schools for years.

"Half of schools have now unblocked YouTube. Five years ago it was one in ev…

VenTESOL XXIX Annual National Convention

We are getting ready to participate in The XXIX Annual National Convention "Redefining Today's ELT in Venezuela" It will be held in Maracaibo-Zulia State
The event will be carried out at Universidad Rafael Urdaneta (URU) during the weekend of May 28th (Sat) and 29th (Sun). You may learn from this important university here:

The Convention Organizing Committee is looking for volunteers:
Do you live in Maracaibo? Do you want to be a volunteer? There are many ways to participate, click on this link and add your contact information there.
If you are planning to attend the 2011 convention, Join our XXIX Annual Convention Group.
Live VenTESOL's spirit!

VenTESOL Executive Board 2010-2011

Revisiting online communities.. my Yahoo Groups

On this New Year, I decided to try to go back to my online communities. I started by visiting a discussion list I belong to and haven't visited in a long time.

This discussion list is: VENELT· VEN-ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING, the home for English Teachers in Venezuela. There we discuss various themes related to the EFL profession. The moderators are: Juan Pino-Silva (Ph.D.), from Universidad Simón Bolívar (R)and Evelyn Izquierdo ( EFL) from Universidad Central de Venezuela. They cordially invite EFL educators to join in and share their thoughts in this community.

To become a new member please send a message to and another one to The message MUST include: 
(a) your reasons as to why you want to join this group, 
(b) your interest in Venezuelan ELT issues and 
(c) a brief note about your background.

Their latest discussion is about the profile of the Good Collaborator in online communities. I must say that I haven't bee…