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I registered to Edublogger in Español!!!!!

My Friend Karen Garcia

My friend Karen Garcia is a special lady. She's been my fairy godmother and on line sister for the last three or four years. She's from Puerto Rico, originally but she lives in Massachusetts right now. I met her when I joined the Webheads in Action Community. I was participating in an online conf at LearningTimes, when I heard that beautiful Puerto Rican voice of her for the first time. It was such a nice, cantarina (like a song) voice, it felt really good and I nmediately liked her. At that time I was a newie to the online world. She helped me and adopted me, tutored me, advised me, and make me be a better teacher.

I visited her blog The Guru speaks, today and found this beautiful picture that I want to share with you today. This picture belongs to ROSA IBARRA, paintings/obra:

The angel in this picture represents at least to me all the love and friendship Karen Garcia has given this online teacher from Venezuela. I'm writing this post as an home…