Monday, February 05, 2007

Two talented musicians!

Nelson and Mayuya (his guitar)!

Hello, my name is Nelson Luis and I´m here to talk about my talents. I play basketball and soccer. My favorite basketball team is LosAngeles Lakers. I love this team!. I play acoustic guitar and electric guitar, and play music with my twin brother. He plays the drums. I can sing very well but I am a Shy person.


Victor and his bass guitar

My name is Victor Marquez and my hobby is to play the bass guitar, I have my own bass guitar and I have been playing it for two years, I play it everyday in my room so I can have some privacy. My favourite music band is "Dream theater" my favourite bass player plays there and is my inspiration to play, his name is Jhon Myung my favourite song to play is called "the ytsejam". My bass is a 4 stringed fretted bass. My bass brand is "phil pro", before I play bass I used to play keyboards but I just did't like it because I had to study a lot of different keys pattern and I didn't want to play guitar because there are a lot of guitar players in the world and I though that the bass guitars would be a good option an I liked it. My dream is to become a known bass player and play in a great band and be a good musician, I play my bass with two friends that play the electricguitar and the drums almost every saturday a few hours just to have some fun and I think t is the best talent I can do.

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