Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Super Teacher!

Teacher Alejandro Romero received a recognition for his work as a teacher, dentist and young Venezuelan. Congratulations on your Dia de la Juventud medal!

Keep on shining!



PatMendoza said...

Congratulations to teacher Alejandro Romero for his achievement!. I am so proud to have him as a friend and a coworker for he's a great person and professional. As teacher Doris says, KEEP ON SHINING Ale

Alejandro said...

Thank you Doris... and thanks to you too, Pat.
Well, to tell you a little about it, that's a presidential decoration. It's awarded every year on Feb 12th (Día de la Juventud) to celebrate "La Batalla de la Victoria"
I guess I got it for being Jack of All Trades... and master of some, jeje.
I have to say that my little brother, who's 13, also got it this year. He has won the National Karting Championship twice in a row, and has represented Venezuela in the States and in the International Championship that took place last year in Jesolo (Venice), Italy.
The "rojo rojito" part was because I had to spend 5 hours under the sun before Mister Chavez's brother gave us the decoration.... What can I tell you?
Once again, thank u all... and I'll do my best to keep on shining, and see if I can get another decoration next year =D

Anna Tridente said...

Congratulations to my dear ROJO ROJITO!!!! It's all i wanted to say jejeje keep working and when you are finally rich, remember this AZUL AZULITA friend of yours and take me out of this (you know what i mean). I hope you get another one next year =) Many kisses and a very warm hug!

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