Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Photo blog task!!!!!!

Hi, there! I've been looking at photos and found great ones. So, this is the plan... please, go to Joan's trip to South Wales! Look at her photos, read her story and answer the following questions:

  1. Where did Joan go on her little trip?
  2. How long did she travel?
  3. Where did she start her trip?
  4. What did she do first?
  5. What can you do at the Bay Development in Cardiff?
  6. What Civic building is at the center of Cardiff?
  7. What can you do at the dockside?
  8. What's there in Penarth? Where's Penarth, exactly?
  9. What two island can you see from Penarth?
  10. Where did Joan go after visiting Penarth?
  11. What can you see there?
  12. Where did Joan and her friends sit?
  13. What can you see along the grassy cliff tops?
  14. What's a cliff and are there any cliffs in Ogmore-by-sea?
  15. What other seaside town did they visit after Ogmore-by-sea?
  16. What did they see there?
  17. What do they lifeboat service do there?
  18. What other places did they see along the South Wales coast?
  19. Where did they stopped briefly?
  20. What did they do in Llangennith?
  21. What do her friends have in Llangennith?
  22. What did they do after checking out the beaches and sand dunes?
  23. What's your opinion about Joan's trip?
  24. Would you like to go with her?
After you finish answering the questions above:
Have fun and enjoy the photos.... traveling virtually around the world and practicing your English!

Keep on shining!

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