Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First time blog entry! Multi.... que?

Well, I finally made it! My first blog and the first time I dare to write about what I think and get from hanging out with my dear friends the webheads. I want to thank you all webheads and new partners in this adventure for all your sharing and supporting each other... that's the best part of all.
I don't know how to do this right... I'm still getting skills but I strongly believe that we learn by doing, so I'll just try to write what I see, feel or think.

Ok, let me get back to what multiliterate means to me... at the beginning I though that being literate was just being able to write and read .... oh, gosh! that's how illiterate I was, but reading about it and nurturing from Bob's, Vance's, Dennis's, Buth's, Hyman's and Daf's comments I have found out that being literate is much more than being able to write or read correctly. I come from a education system that taught me to memorize information without analyzing it or telling me what to do with it or that I have to do things with it. Now, thanks to new technologies and wonderful people like my partners in adventure, things are changing rapidly and my way of looking and handling new and old information is changing, too. Now, I know that to be able to claim yourself literate you’re supposed to be able to do things with what you know and according to Siemens, you should also know where to locate reliable information sources. I thought there was only the need to be literate, I know now there are multiliteracies, too. I guess that means that due to rapid changes brought by the use of new communication technologies, the way we make sense of things is changing and new literacies are being born. Now, I realized that to make sense of new technologies you need to be visual, spatial, audio, linguistical and many more kind of literate. These new ideas are revolutionizing my world and my practice as an educator. After this experience, I will walk into my classroom and do things differently to give my students a better chance in this new world.
Well, I think that’s enough for today...

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