Saturday, February 24, 2007's Guide to the TOEFL® Test Podcast's Guide to the TOEFL® Test Podcast

A Super Teacher!

Teacher Alejandro Romero received a recognition for his work as a teacher, dentist and young Venezuelan. Congratulations on your Dia de la Juventud medal!

Keep on shining!


CI42 Blogs!!!

Congratulations to CI42 students. They just finished their level 4. Here you can visit their blogs and read what they did during their classes. This was their first time blogging. Most them did a good job! Some of them still have to check on their work and review some of their writings. Anyway, what matters it's that they tried to communicate their ideas and learned to used BLOGS to record their work. Here, there are the links to their blogs:
Please, visit their blogs and leave a comment.... Let's support our fellow students!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aiden Yeh's Speech Class podcast!

This is another great PODCAST site. Here you can listen to more students having their voices heard. So, hurry up.... let's start having our voices heard, too!

Click here to get your own player.

The Bardwell Road Centre Podcast

Hi! This is to introduce you to "PODCASTS" Podcats are short radio programs made by common people like you and me. In this posting I'm really happy to introduce a group of students and teachers from Bardwell Road Centre in England, who record and post to the internet a series of short podcasts. They are basically short interviews on different topics. Here you have an example:

Click here to get your own player.

To visit their postcast site go to:
The Bardwell Road Centre Podcast

Well, have fun listening to these students who are like you in this adventure of learning a new language. Hope you like it!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Quiz: Your Romantic Attachment Style!

This a BONUS TASK!!!!!

I know we're a little late on Valentine's Day! But, this an interesting article I found around the web and thought that maybe one or two of you could be interested in these things related to love - romantic love! Well, hope you have fun reading and taking this quiz.... The quiz is to find out what l kind of relater you are: Pursuer, avoider or secure. After you finish taking the quiz, remember to comeback here and leave a comment. We'll be delighted on reading what you have to say....

To take the quiz just click on the following link:
Tango: Your Romantic Attachment Style -- Yahoo! Personals

Here we have some love birds!
Dario and Merly

Nelson and Marla

Marlon and Gaby

Jose and Anita

Keep on shining!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Multiliterate Doris: A Photo blog task!!!!!!

Multiliterate Doris: A Photo blog task!!!!!!

A Photo blog task!!!!!!

Hi, there! I've been looking at photos and found great ones. So, this is the plan... please, go to Joan's trip to South Wales! Look at her photos, read her story and answer the following questions:

  1. Where did Joan go on her little trip?
  2. How long did she travel?
  3. Where did she start her trip?
  4. What did she do first?
  5. What can you do at the Bay Development in Cardiff?
  6. What Civic building is at the center of Cardiff?
  7. What can you do at the dockside?
  8. What's there in Penarth? Where's Penarth, exactly?
  9. What two island can you see from Penarth?
  10. Where did Joan go after visiting Penarth?
  11. What can you see there?
  12. Where did Joan and her friends sit?
  13. What can you see along the grassy cliff tops?
  14. What's a cliff and are there any cliffs in Ogmore-by-sea?
  15. What other seaside town did they visit after Ogmore-by-sea?
  16. What did they see there?
  17. What do they lifeboat service do there?
  18. What other places did they see along the South Wales coast?
  19. Where did they stopped briefly?
  20. What did they do in Llangennith?
  21. What do her friends have in Llangennith?
  22. What did they do after checking out the beaches and sand dunes?
  23. What's your opinion about Joan's trip?
  24. Would you like to go with her?
After you finish answering the questions above:
Have fun and enjoy the photos.... traveling virtually around the world and practicing your English!

Keep on shining!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Two talented musicians!

Nelson and Mayuya (his guitar)!

Hello, my name is Nelson Luis and I´m here to talk about my talents. I play basketball and soccer. My favorite basketball team is LosAngeles Lakers. I love this team!. I play acoustic guitar and electric guitar, and play music with my twin brother. He plays the drums. I can sing very well but I am a Shy person.


Victor and his bass guitar

My name is Victor Marquez and my hobby is to play the bass guitar, I have my own bass guitar and I have been playing it for two years, I play it everyday in my room so I can have some privacy. My favourite music band is "Dream theater" my favourite bass player plays there and is my inspiration to play, his name is Jhon Myung my favourite song to play is called "the ytsejam". My bass is a 4 stringed fretted bass. My bass brand is "phil pro", before I play bass I used to play keyboards but I just did't like it because I had to study a lot of different keys pattern and I didn't want to play guitar because there are a lot of guitar players in the world and I though that the bass guitars would be a good option an I liked it. My dream is to become a known bass player and play in a great band and be a good musician, I play my bass with two friends that play the electricguitar and the drums almost every saturday a few hours just to have some fun and I think t is the best talent I can do.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Talent Show

Cool Slideshows

Last week we had our Talent Show week! Students from Level 2 told and showed their classmates what they could do very well. We had a lot of fun and the desserts were delicious! Among the talented people we had, flamenco dancers, Boxing lessons, art exhibitions, radio announcers, performers "payasitas", an archer that's in Zulia's Archery Team, Arabic dancing, Rock musicians and singers, a wonderfull chello player who is in our Orquesta Juvenil del Zulia, lots of cooks, volleyball, tennis, soccer, ping pong players and future writers. Congratulations to everybody! You did and excellent job! My talented students!

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