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Level V final Presentation

Hello! We just finished our level V Intensive course and here we have the slideshow of our final presentation projects. The theme of the projects were countries, Venezuela's cities and states. The best project was about Costa Rica... the most interesting thing we learned was that Costa Rica doesn't have an army... good for them... love and peace (my new friend diggerstorys sent me this link). It was a good show and we enjoyed sharing with other students.

One of my students Jhon is from Merida, he brought some food and drinks from his hometown on his last trip back home. We had the chance to try some kind of drink made with fruits and alcohol. It was clear that they were for a cold weather. They taste really strong and we felt warm inside really fast. You can see Jhon in the slideshow. He's the tall youngman wearing a "ruana".

The presentation about "La Sierra de Perija" was especially interesting. We learned a little bit more about it from people who actu…