Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blogging and Podcasting!

Well, Blogging and Postcasting! Two wonderfull ways of practicing and sharing. I registered two these courses offered by Electronic Village Online Jan-Feb 2006. I'm learning about Blogging with my dear friend Susanne Nyrop at blog06 · COLLABORATIVE BLOGGING IN ESL/EFL. There we are examining and comparing several current blogging tools and how they could be put to use with ESL/EFL learners. We are also considering how to use multimedia content, such as audio recorded voice messages, podcasts, photos and videos. How exciting!

I also registered at a Podcasting course at Podcasting for ELT "A Hands-on workshop in how to podcast, what tools to use, and applications in ESOL. Although the workshop is suitable for total beginners (no prior knowledge of podcasting is expected), educators with experience are also encouraged to join us in discussion and debate to help develop the potential of this exciting new medium" Begginers they say...... well, count me in. I'm learning a lot.

I'll try to write more about what I'm learning since this is my playground!
Keep on shining and sharing!

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