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First time blog entry! Multi.... que?

Well, I finally made it! My first blog and the first time I dare to write about what I think and get from hanging out with my dear friends the webheads. I want to thank you all webheads and new partners in this adventure for all your sharing and supporting each other... that's the best part of all.
I don't know how to do this right... I'm still getting skills but I strongly believe that we learn by doing, so I'll just try to write what I see, feel or think.

Ok, let me get back to what multiliterate means to me... at the beginning I though that being literate was just being able to write and read .... oh, gosh! that's how illiterate I was, but reading about it and nurturing from Bob's, Vance's, Dennis's, Buth's, Hyman's and Daf's comments I have found out that being literate is much more than being able to write or read correctly. I come from a education system that taught me to memorize information without analyzing it or telling me what to d…